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Drugged schoolgirl reveals sexual ordeal

Because a stick of ciggerette
Disebabkan sebatang rokok seorang remaja perempuan berumur 12 tahun di rogol . Perogol terbabit juga merogolnya berulang kali dalam tempoh 2 bulan. Perogol terbabit juga mengugut remaja terbabit akan mencederakan sekiranya mangsa membuat laporan.

Antara petikkan adalah :-

IT took just a stick of cigarette to put a young girl at the mercy of a 20-year-old who raped her repeatedly over two months.

Worse, when the 12-year-old schoolgirl confided about her ordeal to a cousin of the suspect, he too raped her, Harian Metro reported.

A police source told the paper that the defenceless victim had been raped at least five times.

It began one afternoon in early July when she had bumped into the first suspect while taking a lift to her seventh floor home at Pantai Dalam, Kuala Lumpur.

He allegedly forced her to follow him home where he was believed to have drugged her with a stick of cigarette, causing her to pass out.

“When she regained consciousness, the victim realised that she had been raped,” the police source said, adding that the attacker threatened to hurt her if she told anyone about the incident.

Frightened, the girl kept silent, emboldening the suspect to abuse her repeatedly.

Her nightmare grew worse when the suspect's cousin also raped her when she went to him for help in August.

Unable to bear the torture, the girl finally lodged a police report at the Pantai police station on Tuesday.

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