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Doing the Huddle

Huddle together with this pocket router from Yes and get on the WiMAX network.
YES: The Huddle looks like a very large, black pebble.
YOU HAVE probably heard a lot about Yes by now - the company launched its mobile Internet and telephony offering a few months ago with much fanfare.
Riding on WiMAX technology, Yes offers a number of products, ranging from a simple USB dongle to WiMAX telephone and WiMAX gateways and this, the Huddle.
Like similar products on the market, the Huddle is essentially a portable WiFi router that gives Internet access to WiFi-enabled machines, be it a notebook or a Tablet like the iPad.
Of course, a WiFi router is only as good as the network it rides on for Internet access, so does the Yes network pass muster? Read on to find out.

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